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Intro and Directory of Sorts

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My Pokemon Team

Seeking: Shiny Mew

crappy boot picture.

I haven't drawn in SO long... but i really liked the way the light was hitting my boots last night. Charcoal with purple colour pencil on black paper..

only about an hour. and really it's been like a year since i've *drawn* anything more than a doodle

also note... it's really hard to type with a cat on your lap. His attempts to help.... really not helpful.

going back into hiding now. maybe i'll post some pics of the book's i'm making?
left work at 9:45... finally got home at 2:11

wasn't planning on an adventure tonight - especially not one of such epic proportions...


Been quiet lately - for that I'm sorry. ^^;

Quick update on things.

Sakura-con in a couple weeks, trying to finish me and 'thena's costumes up real quick.

The big thing is job related.
Our store got upgraded, new jobs came with it.
On a whim, I applied for a management job. i like the hours, and the consistency - even if it's still part time. It'll be night and weekends.

And~ i got it!

training for it starts on the 17th. I'm equally excited and terrified.


Nothing I love more than driving high speeds in beautiful, untainted snow. =D

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas~

So last year, I totally had a lot on my plate, and Christmas just blind sided me.


So this year, 'm getting in gear a little bit earlier =D

I'm gonna send out Christmas cards again this year, and this is an invite to anyone watching, weither we've ever spoken or not, to get one. You don't have to send one back, it's completely cool with me if you don't.

I'm screening the comments, you can leave your addresses here, or you can PM me them (Facebook readers should private message their addresses) 

The cards will be Christmas, most likely, but if you want it to be more a generic holiday greeting, or Hanukkah, please let me know. I'm more than happy to do it!



kay.. i torrented the last airbender.. and i STILL want my money back.... I'm pretty sure i would feel the same way eve without having ever seen the cartoon.... =/

lol, an update!!

so... been a while!

i had a whole long schpeal thought out to type - but neighbor is over, so that's not gonna happen.

so - quick update. I'm doing okay! Got a job - working at michael's. i actually enhoyt he work itself a lot - not a fan of the hours though.

Got my comp here fianlly - but had some shipping isses... so.. yeah. still borrowing athena's laptop =/

yeah - this is what my monitor looks like now:

once we get it and my keyboard i replaced then i *might* finally be back more often ^^;